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YThursday, October 30, 2008' 7:19:00 PM

er..today in sch hor,sls giv us go around sch take photo.my group take some pic of *GHOST* l0lx!!but nobody believe it is real de,so veri sianz.But...i nth to post liao,onli waiting for.....PSLE RESULT!!!so buaiix buaiix.

Signed off by dunnoe wad de yangies


YTuesday, October 28, 2008' 1:56:00 PM

walao,sianz leh.Today play captain ball hor,fall down,then leg pain,then evon and guppy still go and bulli me-.-the bulli is = strangle me neck.walao,then my neck,leg pain de lor.and i play captain ball hit 到 the goal pole behind me,so today im 傷痕累累 lor.then the chi lesson nid to do dunnoe wad,印象最深刻 de place in sch,but most of them say toilet== haix,nth post la,onli today suay...

Signed off by suay suay de yangies


YFriday, October 24, 2008' 9:48:00 PM

wohoo~today go SINGAPORE DISCOVERY CENTRE!!But...veri far leh.In bus hor,i almost sleep,cuz at first,i veri HIGH,then tired-.-i think thr onli the LITTLE GEORGE veri fun^^he veri pro lor,he noe Mrs Lim our form teacher!!!Then he can calculate veri fast!!aAnd he noe the time leh.And can blink eye de==
Then i ask him : R u boi or gurl? He reply : im boii.
Then hor,i ask him whether he can turn his head 360 degree.He reply : u can?if cant,how can i turn 360 degree? walao,damn 不爽 lor.
Someone oso ask him to show his armpit hair.LOL!!he say : Don't u noe robot do not have any hair? -.-
But then i ask him one ques,he say : Can ask ur question clearly?!walao,everybody laugh.
The songs he sang are bla bla black sheep,twinkle twinkle little star and londa bridge is falling down.then he so smart hor,dunnoe hu is Angela Zhang-.-
Then the MAPLESEA finally can play le!!!i cre8 new acc,be archer liao.Audi oso download hao le^^

Signed off by 自HIGH的Yangies^^


YWednesday, October 22, 2008' 7:31:00 PM

WOhOO~today go mayflower sec,quite fun,but oso a bit boring la.Then we go cookery room to learn how to make brownie(dunnoe how spell la).then we go play some lame game.Then go back xinmin^^Then...go chuting house....then....walao,shoe 被偷leh.-.-sian la.AND the 白痴 passerby,u tot i dunnoe hu r u ar?then 你真的是太白痴了。haix,nth to say la. GO DIE,PASSERBY!But too bad,你的目标沒达到,becuz u wan me to be ANGRY right?too bad,我不生气 =P 你要玩就跟我玩下去吧!!我奉陪到底!


YMonday, October 20, 2008' 7:21:00 PM

today go ESCAPE THEME PARK!!!Wif chuting,her sis,her cousin.yuting and her bro and mum-.- but...many station closed lor,veri 掃興 leh!!then saw tse shing and dunnoe hu...then go eat eat go liao.Then go hougang mall de timezone play play.walao,the basketball de for me veri hard leh!then got 1 basketball i throw too high,then 卡在the top,cannot take down...l0l -.- then the boxing hor,i dunnoe how play then ani how hit,then onli scored 1000+.then 2nd try,7000+ ^^ after that,go home play comp le -.-


YFriday, October 17, 2008' 6:07:00 PM

today me,chuting,zihui,yining and jane go AMK Hub to play.We go watch the house bunny,damn funni lor,but oso veri 变态.after watching the movie,we stand thr dunnoe do wad.then hor,zihui say wan watch 1 more movie!!!but we all dun wan -.- then go eat the ice,but not nice de.so we go home. :)


YSaturday, October 11, 2008' 7:38:00 PM

today wif chuting go AMK hub to buy thing -.-then eat ice cream :) then go chuting house play...lol.nth to po actually la...


YFriday, October 10, 2008' 7:54:00 PM

this is the video sls made for us...so touch leh TT





YThursday, October 9, 2008' 8:44:00 PM

Waseh,today LAST DAY of PSLE le!!!!Yay!After PSLE,me n chuting go zihui house to get change,then go bus stop to meet Yi Ning^^then we go take bus to AMK hub.聽説Abigail,Elizabeth,Yuting and blabla thr oso,but nvr saw them -.- then we saw Zoe and dunnoe hu at AMK hub oso^^then at mini toon,saw Zoe again-.-Chuting go change new hairstyle,and used up abt dunnoe how many time.after that,we go compass point.zihui,chuting and me buy a new pencil box thr,and chuting buy a new watch thr.after that,we go hougang mall.me n chuting buy a new wallet thr,and i buy a new watch thr,and chuting buy a new bag thr.then go zihui house take back our thingy.then go home....veri scary lor,dark dark de.H0pe 你們 de psle result good good wor~~


YWednesday, October 8, 2008' 7:01:00 PM

today de PSLE SCIENCE paper...er,okok,not too hard,not too ez.but heng lor,cuz most of the time PSLE is 2 subjects hard,but this yr onli 1 ^^BUT,TMR STILL GOT HIGHER CHINESE!Muz jyjy le.then today de supplementary,qinglin act pro,teach us the science booklet A de 1 ques,magnet and compass de.Then every1 say he wrong,HAHAHA.then some ppl forgot bring HIGNHER CHI de PSLE booklet,sls ask them leave,but they choose to stay,but share book wif other ppl.then after discussing the ans,we go home.Today is rainy day,cold cold,so pls dun catch a cold^^


YTuesday, October 7, 2008' 6:44:00 PM

today de chinese paper....eh,paper2 de booklet A 比 booklet B hard leh! got few ques in booklet A dunnoe how to do...haix.Then the paper 1,i choose 看图作文,cuz i dunnoe how to write the 命题 one.i think i cant get A* for chinese le la,so many ques in booklet A dunnoe how do.Now muz jys for sci and Higher Chinese le.JYJY!!!


YMonday, October 6, 2008' 7:08:00 PM

today...PSLE MATHS!!! Damn hard lor...i can go die liao! haix muz get A leh....不然 will mati de...the ques super hard de.when i start doing Section A and B,i think it will be ez.But when i reach C,wah seh!!!Onli few ques noe how do,leave many blanks,so will die.All my h0pe is on tmr de chinese paper.so....Jys~


YSunday, October 5, 2008' 6:35:00 PM

TMR MATHS PSLE PAPER!!!!!!Muz jy to get in good sch.Today my kor siao de,veri early let me play comp...then keep say : 你不要玩就算了。so 煩 lor . wish tmr de paper ez de,and wish everybody done well in PSLE!!!


YSaturday, October 4, 2008' 5:24:00 PM

Today i go cheng san library...waseh many nice de books leh!!! But can onli choose 4...haix,veri sainz leh...i today afternoon at home read 1 maths de book....Hope got help for PSLE MATHEMATIC on MON !!!! muz jys everibody!!

(sign off)


YFriday, October 3, 2008' 7:13:00 PM

ARGH?!....today de eng paper2....THE SYNTHESIS Q.03 HARD!!!!the rest....er......i think okok not too hard not too ez la^^my paper1 part 2 i choose ques3^^ehh.....still got exam so muz ~jiay0us~Mon mathematic...h0pe can get A* ^^JYJY wor~~


YThursday, October 2, 2008' 9:07:00 PM



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