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YFriday, January 16, 2009' 7:14:00 PM

ps wor~this few day dun feel like blogging so no po oso no reply tag and oso no tag.But...alot things happened...I JOINED CHOIR(TIO FORCE),but after SYF,can quit^^the science teacher Mr Lim damn good one,cuz he nvr ask us to open textbook,but nid to take down note la.Then the maths...no improve no deprove.chi...DAMN HARD!!!the teacher tok abt the 三國演義,then i dunnoe wad she toking abt,so...chi mayb got deprove lor.then eng,is lifelit,juz drama lesson then the story book is sing to the damn..er...ps spelling error,is sing to the dawn.then home-econ,monday is cooking the 炒飯~sure not nice de,last time make bread alrdy so yuckie le,炒飯 will be shyt lor.haix,so many lesson inside,i onli like maths,sci lesson.CHI 我越來越不愛le,but still hope i can catch up lor.


YFriday, January 9, 2009' 10:06:00 PM

er...today got the CCA Carnival,till7pm+...then after sch(12.30pm),i go guppy house,then watch Mysterious Incredible Terminator.Waseh,damn nice de lor,but watch till 2.30pm and go back sch.Then walk around the parade square...then many ppl come to giv flyer,some get alrdy still giv one.then walk under the hot sun,see the thing,then trouble for wad cca to join...then settle the matter liao.Then we saw some dancers from the dance club,dancing B-Boy nia,damn pro de~then go hall to see performance la.then break for 10min,go back hall,then the teacher tok tok le,then 7pm,me and guppy go home le.but today de homework many leh,nid do research,maths,and dunnoe wad le.Btw,actually today should noe the chinese banding test result de,but dunnoe where the result,so nvr go see.haix no thing say le,byebye~


YThursday, January 8, 2009' 3:28:00 PM

LOLOL today the sci teacher : Mr Derrick Lim,damn funni lor.he got 獅轟功 nia,shout damn loud de.Then he say some student like to say *toot*,then he say last time he go singnet de place,got 1 guy bang dao a auntie,the auntie say : y bang me!!.then the guy say : i *toot* u ar!!. then the auntie say : come la if u wan! lol then all laugh nia.and he oso say some funni thing la,then maths lesson,me and guppy chiong hw,then stay back to help guppy do the classroom deco,then go find sci lab.Then we find find find,no sci lab,onli bio lab and c****lab,ps dnnoe how spell so me not spelling.nth to say le bye~


YTuesday, January 6, 2009' 7:03:00 PM

Yoyoyo~ytd the sec 1 orientation...go around sch to see and play some lame game.Then today hor,quite fun la,play the *sponge captain*,then i play violent nia,keep push cheewai,then throw the wet wet de sponge onto cheewai,l0lx -.-then oso got play the dunnoe wad,sabo game,then then da korkor wan me to do the action on my paper,WALAO,MY PAPER THR WRITE : DANCE,KAO!!!but i nvr dance la.Then got 1 botah head oso tio dance nia,then dunnoe wad he is dancing-.- btw,after playing *sponge captain*,the botah head go splash whole pail of water onto himself nia,then he whole body wet wet de,LOLx!!after that go hall,then dunnoe wad cheering competition de,1E2 at last min then think abt the cheer lor,and i got abit idiot de feeling.The cheer goes like this : O we were born,O we were born,O we were born,to be responsible.1E2!the blabla de forgot liao,behind still got copy the sch cheer nia.at the end 1E4 win la...congratz anyway...nth to type le bye~


YFriday, January 2, 2009' 1:19:00 PM

yoz,today first day sch nia,veri sianz.morning me and guppy and dongmei meet tgt,guppy 1st come,me 2nd and dongmei 3rd.then go sch,many ppl nia.then go to classrm,then the councillor come in ask us to introduce ourself,then recess lo~after that go back classrm str8,then the teacher come,ASK US TO INTRODUCE OURSELF AGAIN!!but not introduce myself,is introduce partner,so is guppy~then hor,the teacher tok many le,then go hall for the orientatation programe,the teacher tok abt sch rule blabla de,then 12.30pm go home le^^then now playing lor-.-


YThursday, January 1, 2009' 6:05:00 PM

HappI NeW YeaR*~*~****~新年新氣象,everibody jiay0us for this year.although 2008 had over,but i hav many memories in 2008。And tmr 1st day of sch le,muz wake up early in the morning.ALL p6s,muz jiay0us,to achieve good result wor~


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